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AMP are specialists in the sale of wood fuels and the development of distributed energy projects. They also have a wholly owned subsidiary, Forest Fuels, who rely on the same infrastructure to sell their wood chip and pellet products throughout the UK.

With a number of staff working remotely and on-the-road, AMP need a resilient, secure and accessible network on which to run and grow their business. 

A powerful company inhibited by underperforming IT

AMP’s IT environment was underperforming with unstable connectivity resulting in a slow MS Office suite and poor internet access which in turn led to frustrated users and delays in servicing customers. AMP realised they could no longer settle for inferior IT. For a professional and successful company such as theirs, experiencing dropped connections and lost work simply would not do.

Lacking their own IT resource, AMP turned to Conosco to provide not only the support they needed to deliver improved day-to-day IT services, but also the strategy to ensure that future investments in IT delivered measurable business benefits.

Since Conosco have taken over our IT Support, it’s been a pleasure to have an IT infrastructure that promotes the continued growth of our business. With secure and efficient remote working capabilities and a streamlined office environment, we’re able to tackle new projects without being tied down by technology. It’s clear that the Conosco team are experts in their field, and we have found all their staff to be professional, knowledgeable and approachable. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Conosco.

Richard Burrell , CEO

Review + remediation = real results

Our first step was to undertake a thorough IT audit – a comprehensive, formal review of the existing IT systems, strategy and infrastructure. We looked at the way the business used technology and how the current infrastructure met (or failed to meet) business needs, and identified key opportunities to improve the current IT environment.

As a result of this review, we recommended that AMP implement the following improvements to bring their infrastructure in line with their business ambitions:

  • Upgrade network infrastructure to fibre
  • Implement a hybrid server infrastructure
  • Migrate to Office 365
  • Secure all systems

Conosco fuelling positive growth

As a result of these network and infrastructure changes, AMP have an IT system that promotes business growth rather than inhibiting it – the internet connection is fast and reliable, and applications and emails are easily accessible both in and out of the office. AMP employees are now able to work faster and more efficiently, a relief to all and a tangible benefit to the company as a whole. AMP benefit from proactive, all-inclusive IT support with onsite and remote IT management, all backed by a clear IT strategy.

And if something ever does go wrong, the team of Conosco support engineers are on hand, able to solve over 95% of issues remotely to save time and get AMP employees back to work as soon as possible.

Business benefits:

  • The office’s new fibre connection is fast and fit-for-purpose, allowing AMP employees to get on with their work without delays or frustration
  • AMP employees are now able to work faster and more efficiently. They can access the files and emails they need to work productively both in the office and remotely
  • Regular account management meetings ensure that the IT strategy is working towards business goals
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Let’s take your business further

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