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Tailored IT consultancy and advice

The fast-moving nature of technology means that businesses often struggle to keep up. Continuing to use IT solutions that are slow, inconvenient, and no longer suitable for your business requirements. Investing in IT consultancy will help you to avoid downtime, lost profits, and even data breaches.

Because there are so many options out there when it comes to IT, an expert eye is crucial. The recommendations of Conosco’s experienced IT consultants allows you to benefit from the best tech solutions for your specific use case. This prevents you from wasting time, money and resources on tech that isn’t right for your business and its objectives.

What is IT consultancy?

Simply put, IT consultancy is the process of advising on the best use of technology to achieve certain objectives. This might include determining suitable hardware and software for your requirements, or streamlining your processes through automation to reduce costs and improve your service offering.

An IT consultant’s job is to analyse your current infrastructure and identify any obstacles, inefficiencies and weaknesses. They will then provide you with guidelines and resources to optimise the use of technology within your business.

Why is IT consultancy important?

Companies rely on IT to support their operations and achieve their business goals. From data warehousing solutions through to the computers your employees use, reliable information technology is essential to ensure smooth operations throughout your business.

However, no two organisations are the same, which is why a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to the tech that keeps your business running. 

That’s where we come in, our expert IT consultants will work with you to understand your business needs and tailor a solution fit for your business.

IT consultancy

Benefits of IT consultancy

There are lots of ways that your business can benefit from external IT consultancy from the experts at Conosco.

IT consultancy offers you:

  • Expert advice
  • Industry connections
  • Tailored IT solutions
  • Alignment of IT systems and business goals
  • External project management
  • Optimised budgets and resources
  • Business futureproofing
IT consultancy

Why choose us for IT consultancy?

Conosco provides a wide range of bespoke IT consultancy options, catering for all types of businesses, including enterprise-level organisations.

Experience: We’re highly experienced in all aspects of IT so we can guide you through any aspect of the tech you need to keep your business running efficiently. We’ve been supporting organisations in a range of industries for 19 years.

Business-orientated approach: Our service aims to align your IT requirements with your ever-changing business objectives. Whatever your business goals, we’ll help you to create a simple, streamlined digital workplace.

Bespoke approach: Your business is unique, so we’ll only ever suggest solutions that align with your specific business goals. We don’t offer set packages, so you never pay for hardware or software that you don’t need.

Scalability and flexibility: We’re able to provide support for one-off projects such as implementing cloud migration, or helping you to achieve a broader goal, like reducing the running costs of a specific department.

We also offer a vCIO service to provide you with consultation for your technology and digital transformation strategy, helping you to achieve your business goals through tailored IT support.

What does the process involve?

Each IT consultancy project is different, but there are some basic steps that we follow to ensure that we support you in achieving your desired outcomes.

Business Discovery

Business Discovery

We start by understanding your business and defining the objectives. Our suggestions are rooted in your business goals, helping you to save time and money throughout your daily operations.

 IT Audit

IT Audit

We analyse your current business environment taking an indepth look into the existing IT solutions and processes to ensure they align with your desired outcomes and objectives.

 Suggested Improvements

Suggested Improvements

We’ll then develop a plan to streamline your processes, improve efficiencies across your organisation, and invest in technology to futureproof your business.

 Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

We can also assist you throughout any transitional period, managing the roll-out of new systems, delivering training to your staff, or simply providing telephone support as needed.

Want to speak to an IT consultant? 

Our IT Consultants are passionate technologists and are subject matter experts in their fields. As your trusted partner we’ll make sure you have the right technology, infrastructure and ongoing advice you need to digitally transform. From C-level tech leadership to strategic consulting we’ll give you the competitive edge and the insights to modernise faster.

IT Consultancy

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