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Experts in digital transformation consulting

At Conosco, we’re here to help you navigate that change. You don’t need to know everything about IT – all you need is an expert you can trust to take care of it.

We’re expert digital transformation consultants – through our strategic, user-centric approach and forward-thinking technology, we’ll help you implement a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that puts you ahead, with none of the hassle.

What is digital transformation?

We know that as a business, you’re always looking for ways to evolve and do things better. Whether it’s improving productivity or increasing employee engagement, you need solutions that deliver results. But when the way you work just isn’t working anymore, where do you go from there? Enter the digital workplace.

Effective Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of your business – a whole new age of employment that’s changing how we do business. A digital workplace allows for far better communication and collaboration across the workforce, it’s a progressive digital environment that can bring about a whole host of benefits for your organisation.

The challenges of the changing workplace

The truth is that the workplace of today is changing. Gone are the days of 9 to 5 in the office, restrained by company equipment and a need to all be in one place. Now the modern workplace is increasingly remote and more flexible than ever before, but with this comes its own unique challenges.

Employees need the right tools to enable them to do their jobs effectively wherever they are, and you need to be able to ensure you can support this virtual environment, keeping lines of communication open, productivity high and the employee experience positive. For that, you need to adopt some changes – and luckily, we can manage them all for you.


How we help your business implement digital transformation

We understand that it can be a complex process trying to implement the tools you need to support flexible working lives. As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner, with an experienced team of fully accredited engineers, we’re best placed to help you maximise your investment in Office 365 and get your digital workplace strategy off the ground. Put simply, it’s what we’re really great at, and we know it like no other.


Our approach to digital transformation consulting

With a user-centred approach, we focus on collaboration and productivity enhancement, all while ensuring the solution is totally tailored to you. There’s nothing off-the-shelf about what we do. An in-depth understanding of your organisation plus a carefully constructed plan of action means that everything we deliver is totally customer-centric and bespoke.

Throw in our exceptional project management capabilities and the years of experience we have in the field, and you’ll see how we make it easy for businesses of all sizes to implement digital transformations that are widely adopted and embraced.

We know change isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re here to make it as simple and painless as possible. Whether you’re apprehensive about a big upheaval or you’ve had a bad experience in the past, we’re here to guide you through what we’ll ensure is a hassle-free transformation, no matter how big or small.

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The benefits of digital transformation

So why make the investment? The simple answer is that it’s crucial in helping you support this inevitable cultural change. It’s already happening in workplaces around the world, and you don’t want to be left in the dust of your competitors by failing to act now. But there’s so much more to it than that:

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Talent attraction

As many as 64% of employees would accept a lower paying job if it enabled them to work more flexibly. Embracing digital transformation really could be the key to winning the war on talent, and acquiring the best possible people for your business.

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Better productivity

Another benefit of strong online social networks is a boost to productivity – a whole 7% more productive than organisations without them. And by streamlining operations and removing standard roadblocks, digital workplaces help teams operate at peak capacity.


Increased employee satisfaction and engagement

Organisations with social media and newer communication tools are much more likely to see an increase in employee satisfaction. And with the modern workplace allowing for employees to take advantage of self-guided learning opportunities, it can easily lead to a workforce that cares more deeply about its organisation.


Better security

With more remote working on the cards, you might think that your cyber security would be at greater risk, but with the right tools it can actually become more robust than ever. You can control access permissions, ensuring that only authorised users get onto your network, and a wide range of threat detection capabilities mean you can shoot them down before they even materialise.

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The modern workplace is more achievable than you think

The modern, digital workplace is no longer something of the future. It’s here, it’s achievable and easier than you think. If you’re looking to save time, reduce costs and truly reap the rewards that digital transformation can bring, get in touch with us today and make your new environment thrive.

Don’t just take our word for it – after all, we’ve done it before.
Find out how we delivered an end-to-end cloud migration project for this London housing association.

Is digital transformation consultancy right for my business?

The digital workplace is not a new concept, every business uses technology to enable its processes, people and operations to work effectively – therefore every business can benefit from digital transformation.

No matter the size or sector, organisations strive to meet customer demands, stay competitive, increase profitability, improve operations and grow. By leveraging the right technology these goals are within reach.

Digital transformation consultancy helps businesses identify opportunities to improve their digital workplace. From producing strategies and roadmaps to IT procurement and project management, digital transformation consultancy provides businesses with the support to successfully deliver digital transformation initiatives.

How does Conosco do digital transformation differently?

Everything we do is focussed around aligning your technology with your overarching business strategy and goals. This is how we guarantee project success and digital adoption.

We will be your integrated partner, delivering the skills and expertise you need to approach digital transformation with confidence. We are ISO 27001 and cyber essentials certified and our strong partnerships with leading technology providers such as Microsoft, Vodafone, Amazon and RingCentral ensure you receive tailored solutions that help you to achieve your vision and modernise your business.

What is digital adoption?

Digital adoption refers to the uptake in technology by employees. Successful digital adoption means that users are making the most of the tools and are capable of using all of its features.

Digital adoption is key to digital transformation success. If your employees are not using the technology to its full capabilities then it undermines your investment. What’s the point in spending lots of money on a piece of hardware/software that isn’t serving its purpose.

Who is responsible for driving digital transformation in my business?

This answer depends entirely on your business and the scope of the transformation. In many companies, it will fall within the remit of the IT department meaning the CIO, CTO, IT Director or manager will take the lead. However, that is not to say others are not involved.

The CEO may play a role in strategy development therefore he/she will be a key stakeholder. It is also prudent to speak to other heads of department or employees that will be using the new technology. You will want their input into current system challenges, recommendations and any data silos that need to be fixed.

How can we encourage digital transformation throughout our business?

Company culture is a fundamental component of digital transformation. First and foremost employees need to feel comfortable challenging the business when the technology is not meeting their needs. They also need to be open to change and willing to adopt new technology. The support of your workforce is vital to digital transformation projects going to plan.

You will also require buy-in from your leadership team. Building a strong use-case, ensuring the technology aligns with business objectives and including key stakeholders in the early planning stages will help get the business on board with your plans.

How do I ensure my digital transformation investments are a success?

70% of digital transformation projects fail due to lack of planning. Build a robust IT Strategy and establish a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the performance of the technology. Your KPIs will enable you to determine when a technology project is complete and whether or not it has been successful.

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