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Fit for the Future

Six Physio is a London-based physiotherapy, massage and Pilates provider with 11 clinics across the capital.

It has enjoyed significant growth over the 20 years it’s been operational and has been working with Conosco for nearly a decade. Although lacking internal IT expertise, the Six Physio team understood that in order to reach the growth goals they had envisioned for the business, they needed to ensure they had systems in place to support them. Conosco listened to their vision for the company and advised on a scalable, cloud-based IT strategy.

Scalable, templated infrastructure

Key to Six Physio’s growth plans was the establishment of multiple new clinics across London. Being able to get each clinic operational and connected with the rest of the business quickly was essential to ensure central services like email and appointment bookings were accessible, while local hardware – printers, laptops and wireless access points were fully tested before the clinics opened their doors.

This has been achieved by developing an infrastructure “template” that ensures every implementation can be delivered on time without issue. This is a “live” document which continuously improves as each integration is undertaken

We are so utterly reliant on our IT working it’s a nightmare when it fails. That so rarely happens now and if it does I know it’ll get fixed promptly. Conosco has been an outstanding partner right from the beginning and I genuinely can’t recommend them highly enough and there aren’t many other businesses I would say that about!

Rupert Crowfoot , CEO

Enabling enterprise-level compliance to protect client relations

Physiotherapists from Six Physio work onsite at a number of large client businesses, including Bank of New York Mellon.

The bank understandably has strict security requirements of all its suppliers, which may have been overwhelming for a business of Six Physio’s size. Instead, we worked with them to provide evidence that all their data and infrastructure was appropriately protected, enabling Six Physio to build a strong business relationship with their client.

Business benefits:

  • Improved resilience and solid business continuity plan
  • New offices can be opened quickly and fully operational from day one
  • A robust future roadmap and budget for IT in line with the growth strategy

The future for Six Physio and Conosco

We’re delighted to see Six Physio continue its growth trajectory and proud of our part in supporting that growth. As we look to the future we continue to work with the management team to continually review current infrastructure and hardware and advise on potential improvements as they become apparent as well as on potential compliance issues as regulations and industry standards evolve.

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Let’s take your business further

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