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Onsite IT Support in London

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your organisation. It empowers your people to work efficiently, your processes to operate seamlessly and data to flow throughout your business. Managing and maintaining your IT environment is a huge task and you might require onsite IT support. You need to ensure you have the IT resources and expertise to support your business effectively. If issues arise and are not dealt with swiftly it can have a serious impact on employee productivity and even customer experience.

At Conosco we take the pressure off of your internal IT resources by offering onsite IT support services. Whether you need us on an ad-hoc basis to deal with issues reactively, or if you need us on a more permanent-basis our team is on hand to accommodate.

How do we provide Onsite IT Support?

Conosco provides 24/7/365 IT support as well as Technical Account Management giving you the expertise and knowledge you need to meet your business objectives.

Based in London, you’ll have an entire team of skilled and accredited IT professionals, from remote IT support to field engineers and onsite resources at your fingertips. Not only will we proactively monitor and manage your IT environment, but we’ll advise you on how best to leverage your IT investments. 

Our onsite IT support offers:

  • Reactive (ad-hoc) Onsite IT Support
  • Full-Time Onsite IT Support (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Seasonal Onsite IT Support (for busy periods such as holiday seasons)

The Benefits of Onsite IT Support

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Access To Experts

Remove the hassle of IT recruitment with access to trained professionals, who are equipped to deal with a multitude of IT disciplines

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Scale Your Team

By providing the resources you need we can help your business grow

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Cost Savings and Budgeting

Outsourcing your IT support can help you stay in control of IT budgeting. You’ll pay only for the onsite support you need

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Reduce Downtime

Our onsite IT support team will gain an in-depth understanding of your IT infrastructure keeping downtime to a minimum

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Support Internal IT Resources

We’ll provide the extra support you need to free up your IT team to focus on bigger tasks and strategic projects

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Reactive Onsite IT Support in London

We understand that any disruption is frustrating and it’s our job to ensure your IT infrastructure doesn’t let you down. In 95% of cases, our Remote IT Support team will be able to fix your issues without ever coming onsite. However, there are times when you need a little extra assistance to get your systems back up and running. On these occasions, we’ll send one of our specialist onsite IT support engineers to fix the issue.

Full-Time Onsite IT Support in London

Whether you want to free up your team for more strategic tasks, quickly expand your team to support business growth or provide cover for absence/sick leave, we can offer onsite IT support on a more permanent basis. Daily, weekly, monthly or even annually, we’ve got you covered for as long as you need us. The advantage of having us onsite is that we get to know your IT infrastructure inside out. If a problem arises we’ll likely resolve the issue before the rest of the business even realises.

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Seasonal Onsite IT Support

It’s not unusual for businesses to operate a skeleton team around certain times of the year such as Christmas or school holidays. That doesn’t mean your technology grinds to a halt. You need to ensure your IT environment is being monitored and maintained all year round. As well as our 24/7/365 IT Support Desk we can provide the onsite resources to give your business the reassurance that your IT won’t fail during quiet periods.

Service Excellence

You’ll find our team refreshingly different. Our friendly, knowledgeable onsite IT support engineers build strong customer relationships and are always willing to go the extra mile. 

As your integrated partner, we don’t stop at IT support, we want to understand your business, your people and your future goals. We’ll provide strategic consultancy helping you align your IT with wider business objectives.

Why should I work with Conosco?

We’re the integrated partner that goes the extra mile. We’re proud to have a team of accredited engineers who have the expertise to support you with a range of IT needs. We believe that true partnership is all about having common values, an alignment of vision, and most importantly a collaborative and open relationship. This idea of partnership is at the heart of our approach, and it inspires the kind of working relationships that see our clients thrive.

How is Conosco different to other Onsite IT Support Providers?

We call it the Conosco‘Advantage’. As well as onsite IT support we offer Technical Account Managers and Strategic Consultants that work alongside you to help you reach your wider business goals. Our TAMs are passionate technologists with a thirst for knowledge and continual professional development. They’re experts in their field and on-hand to provide technical and non-technical support should you need them. 

What type of Onsite IT Support do I need?

The level of support you need depends entirely on your business. You may need a small amount of onsite IT support, on a reactive basis as and when issues arise. Or depending on growth plans and current resources you may need our services for prolonged periods of time, perhaps weekly or monthly. We’ll gain an understanding of what it is your business is trying to achieve, and we’ll then recommend the right level of onsite IT support to help you get there.

How flexible is an Onsite IT Support contract with Conosco?

You pay only for the onsite IT support you need meaning you’re not tied into lengthy contracts. Many businesses prefer to outsource their onsite IT support to reduce recruitment fees and the ongoing cost of having permanent employees.

How do I know if my IT Systems are performing?

Our IT support team will closely manage, maintain and monitor your IT infrastructure. If an issue arises we will often know about it and fix it before the rest of your business even realises. We also proactively contact our clients on a monthly basis and provide them with reports, giving you insight into the health of your IT systems.

Are you a Microsoft Certified Partner?

Yes we are a Microsoft Gold Partner. We recently achieved the   Gold Cloud Productivity Competency  from Microsoft demonstrating our commitment and expertise in delivering Microsoft cloud technologies..

Do you offer more than just Onsite IT Support?

Yes we offer a variety of technology and telecoms services including:

What industries do you provide Onsite IT Support for?

We can cater for a variety of sectors (including legal, finance, media, professional services) and sizes of business ranging from small start-ups to larger enterprises. We are also able to provide solutions to the public sector via different frameworks including G-Cloud 12.

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