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IT Support builds and drives the engine of your business

Information technology, IT, is critical to run your business; it empowers your people to do their job, processes to be streamlined and for information to flow smoothly. Having the right IT support is critical. It needs to just work.

Actually, to be the best you can be, you need it to be fully aligned to the needs of the business and to be professionally managed–this is why we are here. We’ve been providing best-in-class IT Support across the UK for years, as a trusted partner to secure, and compliant businesses.

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IT Support Services

We deliver a complete end-to-end service that is personally managed by your dedicated account manager.

Our IT support team are here for you 24/7/365, proactively monitoring your environment, responding to issues–often before you are aware of them–and taking care of all housekeeping like configuration, disk cleanups, back-ups, upgrades and patching.

The first response and escalation teams are supported by our field engineers who can provide fast onsite IT support across the UK when required.

We are so utterly reliant on our IT working, it’s a nightmare when it fails. That so rarely happens now and if it does I know it’ll get fixed promptly. Conosco has been an outstanding partner right from the beginning and I genuinely can’t recommend them highly enough and there aren’t many other businesses I would say that about!

Rupert Crowfoot, Six Physio , CEO
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24/7 IT support service includes

  • 24/7 IT Support helpdesk
  • Onsite IT support
  • Remote IT support
  • Comprehensive, proactive monitoring
  • Full IT asset management & procurement
  • Technology roadmap & budget planning
  • Formal performance analysis & reviews
  • Security operations centre (SOC)
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Security Operations Centre

IT security is critical to your organisation, so a full Security Operations Centre (SOC) can be added as part of your support services.

Actively monitoring, planning and proactively managing your infrastructure means you're meeting or exceeding industry standards and best practices, and future-proofing the security of your business.

Our team of SOC advisors and analysts provide reporting and advice to manage and maintain continuity, reduce the pressure on internal skills, and keep your business secure.

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Your high-trust technology advisor

Our goal is to partner with you as a trusted advisor, who understands your business just like you. We provide advice on how best to leverage your IT investment and to simplify and guide you through the complexities of technology.

This idea of partnership is at the heart of our approach, and it inspires the kind of working relationships that see our clients thrive.

Service Excellence

Our business is built on service excellence, responsiveness and proactivity. You can rest assured you have the knowledge, expertise and experience of the whole organisation supporting you and your business.

You will find us pragmatic, open and challenging in a positive way. We live and breathe IT and are missioned to help you gain every possible advantage from the technology you deploy both now and in the future.

Technology is your business and the lifeblood that enables you to adapt to changing landscapes

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and have a talented, experienced team that sees the big picture and takes a business-focused approach to deliver on your needs and aspirations. Our role is to provide you with the right technology solutions and IT Support, 24/7/365.

Delivering tangible value and expertise to your business is our end goal.

How is Conosco’s IT support different?

Our people are what set us apart. We’re proud to have a team of accredited engineers who have the expertise to support you with a range of IT needs. We believe that true partnership is all about having common values, an alignment of vision, and most importantly a collaborative and open relationship. It is this approach that inspires the kind of working relationships that see our clients thrive.

Who is IT support for?

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Conosco’s IT support. Large enterprises will often have a huge amount of equipment, software and systems to maintain and a desire to innovate quickly. With the help of Conosco’s IT support team managing your IT environment and taking care of any issues, it frees up your team to focus on more strategic tasks.

We also work with small and medium-sized businesses to support, monitor and manage their IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of hiring dedicated resources.

Do you provide 24/7 IT Support?

Yes, we provide 24/7 IT support, meaning we are always available to help you regardless of location or time zone. We also provide support over national holidays such as Christmas.

What are the benefits of IT support?

There are numerous benefits to working with Conosco’s IT support including:

  • Greater cost-efficiency
  • Access to experts who are qualified and skilled in a variety of IT disciplines
  • Improved security and compliance, with access to our Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Support aligning your IT strategy with overall business objectives
  • 24/7 support all year round
  • Improved productivity, by freeing up your internal IT resources to focus on more strategic tasks.
What other types of IT support does Conosco provide?

Conosco’s IT support consists of a first response and escalation team. In 96% of cases, our remote IT support team will fix your issue, but if needed our field engineers or onsite support team will travel to location.

We offer onsite IT support on a reactive (ad hoc) basis, full-time (daily weekly, monthly) or on a seasonal basis (during holidays). We can also provide dedicates Mac Support for our Apple users.

What sectors do you provide IT support for?

We provide IT support across a range of sectors including finance, media, legal, healthcare and professional services. We are also a Crown Commercial Services partner and offer our services to the public sector via frameworks such as G-Cloud 12.

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