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Managing the risk in cyber and information security

As organisations continue to use complex software products across their business, it is clear that there is a need to assess internal and external network vulnerabilities. These exist in most of these products, and it’s likely you probably have little idea of the risks posed.

Vulnerability Scanning Service

Using specialist scanning tools, Conosco will run a full scan of your internal and external networks to identify vulnerabilities in software and configurations. The comprehensive bespoke report that we generate is contextualised to your organisation and includes specific, prioritised recommendations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment

  • Enabling you to manage known and identify unknown security exposures in your network, before attackers find and exploit them
  • Providing expert guidance about exactly what the identified vulnerabilities mean for your business, and how to deal with them
  • Helping you to define and manage the actual level of risk that exists on the network, enabling you to prioritise refinements and budget accordingly
  • Ensuring that you meet regulatory and legal requirements such as GDPR
  • Enabling you to identify and fix issues before Penetration Tests, ensuring that you stay compliant and secure
Vulnerability Assessment

A service tailored to your needs and budget

We can complete vulnerability scans and provide reports to a timetable that suits you – monthly, quarterly and annually as required. Each report includes critical findings, immediately actionable remediation recommendations and builds an evolving picture of historical trends based upon findings from previous scans.

Vulnerability Assessment

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