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Specialist Mac Support in London

Whether your business uses Mac or PC, having a partner that specialises in the technology you use is essential. 

As Mac fast becomes the preferred choice for business, finding the right partner to support your environment can be difficult. That’s where we come in. At Conosco our dedicated Mac Support team has the expertise, skills and accreditations to support your infrastructure.

Your Dedicated Mac Support Team

It’s important that your business has the technical resources and support behind it to ensure your technology is performing at its best. 

Our Mac Support specialists will act as an extension of your team. Based in London, they will be there for you 24/7 to maintain your devices, proactively monitor your environment and respond to any issues – often before you’ve even realised. 

From your Technical Account Manager to our London-based onsite engineers and escalation team you’ll be in safe hands. We employ specialist Mac technicians who are certified in the service and repair of Apple products.

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Proactive Support – Mobile Device Management

Every business environment is unique – whether you have a mixture of Mac and PC or if your Mac usage is company-wide, you’ll need a partner with the right management tools to efficiently support you.  

At Conosco we use a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system specifically designed for Apple products, ideal for Mac Support. We have an extensive suite of tools, features and configurations at our fingertips enabling us to: 

  • Ensure Mac devices are configured, deployed, patched and maintained
  • Proactively monitor
  • Deploy applications
  • Automate tasks 
  • Schedule jobs and alerts
  • Enforce company policies 
  • Provide interactive remote support 
  • Run scripted tasks

Benefits of our Mac Support team

  • Access to experts – We speak your language. Our team uses Mac themselves meaning they have first-hand knowledge of the applications and terminology you’re used to. 
  • Productivity – Any problems with your devices will often have a knock-on effect on productivity and more importantly the user experience. Ensuring your devices are fully functional is critical to your business.  We’ll maintain and manage your environment in a way that minimises disruption and keeps you working at maximum capacity.
  • Security and Compliance – As part of our support service you’ll have access to our Security Operations Centre (SOC). Our team of analysts help clients meet industry standards and best practices.
  • Efficiency – Understanding your business is our priority. We’ll get to know how you operate and work to your timeframes.
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Your Trusted Technology Partner

We strongly believe that having an understanding of your businesses strategy and short, medium and long-term goals is the best way to ensure that new developments happen to support your business growth, rather than because they are the latest trend.

We want you to see us as the trusted technology partner that gives you open and honest advice aiding you to get the most out of your technology investments. If you choose to work with us you’ll have a team of strategic consultants who will work with you to build a robust IT strategy, a professional services team who will help you deliver IT projects and the support behind you to succeed in digital workplace transformation.

Service Excellence is at our core

One of the core values that drives our business is Quality. We’re proud of what our teams deliver and we sleep well at night knowing we’ve done a great job – and you will too.

Outstanding service is at the heart of everything we do. Our team has been providing best-in-class IT support in London for years.

Why should I choose Conosco for Mac Support?

When working with an IT provider you want to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to work with the technology you use. At Conosco, we operate a dedicated Mac Support Team who are certified in the service and repair of a range of Apple products.

Our team will provide you with 24/7 monitoring and management of your Mac estate and we’ll provide IT consultancy helping you to align your IT strategy and technology investments with your business objectives.

How will you support my Mac devices?

We offer a variety of Mac Support services for businesses. We’ll proactively monitor your Mac devices and deploy all updates and patches. We’ll help you procure and configure devices for new starters and support your team with any IT issues. We’ll also enforce company policies and secure your devices.

Do you provide onsite Mac Support?

Yes, if you experience any IT issues you can get in touch with our helpdesk 24/7/365. In 96% of cases, our remote IT support team will be able to resolve your issue, however, if needed an onsite engineer will be sent out.

What are the benefits of Mac Support?

Our Mac support team speak your language, in fact, they work on Macs themselves and understand the terminology, applications and unique capabilities of Apple technology. Our Mac support team in London will:

  • Ensure maximum uptime and productivity
  • Quickly respond and resolve any Mac Issues
  • Help you improve operational efficiency
  • Tailor support around your business
  • Provide you with technical account management
Can you also support PC?

Yes, our IT support team can provide fully managed Mac and PC support. If you have a solely PC environment or a mixture of devices our team has the experience and expertise to support you.

Are Macs secure? Can you get a virus on a Mac?

Macs do offer security features that protect against some malware threats, however, they are not completely safe. Macs can still get viruses and fall victim to malware, often due to human error. It is vital that organisations implement robust security measures and monitor their IT estate for any risks.

Conosco’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) will give your business access to security analysts who will monitor your environment, alert you of any suspicious activity and help you mitigate threats. We also offer security consultancy and advanced solutions to help you protect data and corporate networks. As an ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified company Conosco’s experts will advise you on security best practice.

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