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How migrating to the cloud helped this global retailer

A data breach poses a significant financial and reputational risk to media companies. To avoid becoming the next headline, organisations need to thoroughly understand their risks.

Once media companies understand those risks, they can take measures to continuously protect against emerging threats. Collaboration throughout the organization, as well as with extended partners, will help to enforce strong security policies, controls and remediate unauthorized activities within the organisation.

Medialab Group is one of the fastest-growing independent agencies in the UK. As an award-winning partner for growth Medialab consistently delivers transformative outcomes for organisations they work with. Following a Cyber Security attack, the company was reeling from the impact of the security breach and had lost confidence in its systems and processes.

The challenge

The Medialab Group has worked hard to build a reputation as a trusted, full-service media agency, but following a cyber security attack in 2017, that reputation was at risk.
Despite having been ISO 27001 certified, the company was reeling from the impact of the security breach and had lost confidence in its systems and processes. It was critical for the company to:

  • Mitigate the financial and reputation risk from the security breach
  • Get guidance for ISO 27001 re-certification
  • Carry out an organisation-wide risk assessment of security policies and procedures
  • Risk management of InfoSec by augmenting the skills of the in-house team
  • Implement security training and awareness to safeguard highly confidential client data

The Medialab Group relies on its IT systems to be able to deliver work to clients quickly, manage complex reporting and analysis, and of course run all of its back-office tasks, such as finance and HR

The solution

Conosco has provided IT support and consultancy to Medialab for over 10 years, throughout that time we’ve ensured that infrastructure supported the company’s continuous growth. As veterans in Security services, we put forward our highly accredited and experienced Cyber Security consultant, who holds 30+ years of experience in
the industry. Our Security team was successful in addressing security challenges including:

  • Providing a Gap Analysis, followed by audit and remediation of security controls
  • Implementation of Asset and Risk Registers to ensure new processes are enforced
  • Certification guidance leading to successful ISO 27001 re-certification with B.S.I

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  • Adoption of best security practices such as multifactor authentication, security training and simulated phishing exercises

Conosco helped place InfoSec a top priority at the board level. Medialab can now demonstrate to stakeholders that they are totally committed to security best practices.

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