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Join our IT strategy leaders as they discuss insights and tips to help your business accurately budget for the year ahead.

All about the event

2020 was a challenging year for many businesses, however, those that have remained agile and invested in new technology and operational transformation have been better equipped to deal with the rapid rate of change. As we begin to formulate technology strategies for the new financial year, IT leaders face an even tougher time accurately forecasting IT budgets – often balancing pressures to ‘tighten the purse strings’ with increasing demands to digitally evolve and stay competitive. 

In our upcoming webinar, Conosco’s IT strategy leaders will be sharing their insights and predictions for 2021 and providing their top tips for successful IT budgeting. Join our Director of Technology, Amit Dattani, our Principal Consultant, Jon Taylor and our Technology Marketing Manager, Paige Hensman for this Live Webinar on 4th February at 11am.

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What you will learn

  • Tech predictions and insights
  • The challenges IT leaders will face in 2021
  • Common mistakes when building an IT strategy/ budget
  • 8 tips for accurate IT budgeting
  • Case Study: Tips in action

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