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The single most important reason to consider cloud-based antivirus software is that it delivers protection from the cloud without relying on traditional signature-based scanning.

Traditional antivirus security uses virus definition database files, which cross-check with a programme’s files to see if there is a malicious match. As you can imagine, malware numbers continue to grow, increasing the size of the virus definition databases. This means that a programme file need to be cross-checked against millions of records, which naturally slows down the computer. Another glitch is that these files become outdated quickly, and simply can’t keep up with sophisticated hacking.

Cloud-based antivirus, on the other hand, is very light on the computer, since the heavy scanning is done by servers rather than in individual PC. The technology also uses behavioral scanning to first assess whether or not a file is suspicious, and sends it to the cloud for identification if the scan reveals any red flags. This is also helpful if the computer is offline for any reason and unable to connect to the cloud – the computer will still be protected since the file or programme will be logged and analysed once the computer is online again.

We’re  always on the lookout for ways to improve our clients’ IT infrastructure and to enhance protection, productivity and profitability as a result. After extensive research and competitor comparisons, we decided that Webroot was the right cloud-based antivirus solution to maintain and enhance our clients’ security.

Why Webroot?

According to PassMark’s Benchmark Reports (August 2015), Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus was the best performing cloud-based antivirus.

  • Clients know that they have best-of-breed protection from crippling web threats without having to worry about their computer performance being slowed down by clunky antivirus checks.
  • Continuous, real-time protection through frequent distribution of spyware and virus definitions in the cloud, with new definition updates are distributed multiple times per day.

More than ever, your network protection is a priority. If you need help setting up cloud-based antivirus, contact us on 020 3507 0418 or

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