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Why does your business need a guide to cybersecurity for employees? In homes and businesses around the globe, ransomware (a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid) is on the rise.

How can IT service departments and business owners prevent a malicious ransomware attack and potentially save the business? The key lies from within – employees are often the ones who put businesses at risk, but educated employees can help prevent an attack from occurring in the first place.

The recent ransomware stats are scary:

  • 54% of organisations in the UK have been targeted by ransomware attacks (Osterman Research, June 2016).

  • 20% of these cases are so violent that business stopped immediately.

  • The most targeted industries are the healthcare and finance sectors.

  • 39% of organisations hit by ransomware said it came through an email.

  • Cyber criminals target employees because they are considered the weakest link.

This Guide to Cybersecurity for Employees infographic is a simple way to educate and inform employees about important security practices they simply can’t afford to neglect.

Guide to cybersecurity for employees

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For further Guide to Cybersecurity for Employees tips and reference, we suggest emailing this Checklist on How to Identify a Phishing Email , especially since email is the number one way that business networks are compromised.

Your company’s IT leaders should also read:

  • How London’t IT Leaders can Prevent a Ransomware Attack (Did you know that 54% of organisations in the UK have been targeted by ransomware attacks?)
  • Data Protection – Why You Should Be Prepared (The average data breach costs a company about £2.37 million)

No matter the company size, all businesses need to be prepared, or risk massive financial loss, reputational damage and possibly even the business’ demise.

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