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The long-term success of your business, regardless of size, depends on your IT support systems and infrastructure. If you do not have an efficient IT strategy in place, this means that your company cannot respond to changing business requirements rapidly and that the competition may be leaving you behind. 

The lack of a robust, carefully considered IT strategy causes businesses to be inefficient, non-reactive, and forces them to work in a constant state of catch-up.

As such, it is essential to have a plan in place that lays out your company IT strategy and the technology you will use to support your business.

These are some of the questions you should ask when considering and creating an IT Strategy:

  1. Should our business outsource our IT strategy development and IT support?
  2. Does our IT support address the organisation’s most important business priorities and deliver value to our clients?
  3. Do we measure the real value to the organisation derived from that technology?
  4. Is our current IT strategy agile enough and flexible to continuously support a successful organization?
  5. Is our Information Technology environment properly managed, maintained, secured and able to support the clients?
  6. Is it cost effective?
  7. Can our IT strategy support our company’s current and future business needs?

IT strategies should be revisited often to ensure the business is making the right technological investments and that these investments align with the business strategy. IT environments that are properly planned, managed, maintained and secured are better able to support the current and future needs of the business.

To download the full guide, ‘How to Create an IT Strategy for your Business’, visit:

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