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Many business owners are embracing a decentralised workforce to better leverage freelance local talent for shorter project bursts and to rely less on office-based jobs . In the age of the internet, remote IT support and increased inter-connectivity means that remote working is easier than ever – if the infrastructure behind it is fit-for-purpose.

Companies embracing remote working need to consult remote IT services specialists who have the skills and knowledge to effectively address the challenges associated with the decentralised business model and its infrastructure.

remote it services

According to Strategy analytics, the global mobile workforce is set to increase to 1.75 billion by 2020, accounting for 42% of the global workforce –Source

Flexible Hours Disrupt Conventional 9-5

Businesses that operate in multiple time zones, provide around the clock services or leverage freelance staff need to remain functional all day, every day. This puts additional stress on the IT infrastructure of a business and if these systems fail, the business’s ability to leverage the skill of its decentralised workforce is severely compromised.

Constant, consistent IT support is needed, but having a skilled in-house IT department does not necessarily resolve the issue as the resources need to be available around the clock. Paying internal resources 24 hours a day impacts the business’ bottom line and is counterproductive to having a decentralised workforce in the first place.

Outsourced remote IT support services the backbone of a business’ infrastructure and maintains it with the same expertise, flexibility of hours and relative cost that other decentralised workforce practices allow.

Increased Reliance on Effective Communication Tools

Particularly with a remote workforce, there are several problems associated with having ineffective or unreliable communication tools. The primary, and most obvious, is a disconnection between the business, its staff and clients.

Freelance, distance and roving employees are representatives of a business wherever they are. A constant and reliable line of communication needs to be present to ensure that they are immersed in the identity of the business. The best manner of providing this support to employees remotely or abroad is through a reliable remote IT services provider. A simple case of using the remote support that remote support specialists use.

Require Simple, Streamlined Project Management Processes

Ultimately, a business needs to perform tasks that provide high level of value with minimal resources. A decentralised workforce stands the risk of duplicating tasks, overlapping duties and bottlenecking processes. No matter where they are, all employees needs to be clear on what is required of them, and the processes and hardware/software solution that facilitates this – in some cases, without ever meeting another member of the team in person.

Setting up cost-effective, efficient and productive remote IT support requires expert advice. This level of expertise is needed on an ongoing basis – as business constantly evolves, and so should its processes. Powerful, attentive remote IT support will ensure that once your decentralised business model is ahead of the curve, it remains there.

Conosco has 14 years’ experience of providing strategic, robust IT solutions. We can help you strategise and develop the best remote working technology for your needs. Depending on your requirements, we can provide remote IT support, cloud computing options, overall IT services, and future-proof your IT needs with our long-term recommendations and roadmaps.

We can make your workday better, and your business more profitable — get in touch with us now for a free IT consultation.

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