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Conosco establishes itself as Strategic Cloud Provider, bringing a host of services to the public sector via the G-Cloud 12 framework.

Today Conosco, the industry-leading technology and business communications experts dedicated to helping organisations achieve digital workplace transformation, announced the availability of its portfolio of cloud services via the G-Cloud 12 Framework. The framework is designed to accelerate the government’s digital innovation initiatives by enabling them to overcome resourcing, availability and commercial constraints. For many public sector organisations, successfully achieving digital transformation objectives requires them to take a critical look at legacy IT systems and processes and implement digital services aligned to the overall business strategy.

Anders Reeves, Conosco’s CEO says “The G-Cloud 12 announcement comes at an exciting time of high growth and investment for Conosco. Having recently announced the signing of Thrive Homes and CCHA, marking our latest venture into the social housing sector, we are delighted to expand our cloud services further to the public sector. Conosco is committed to supporting organisations with their digital workplace goals by delivering the strategic advice and implementation of new technology aligned to our clients business strategy and vision for the future. We deeply care about service excellence and delivering added value to our partners by supporting the modernisation of IT infrastructure and giving them the resources to digitally transform.”

Supporting the workforce of the future

As new government restrictions come into place and more emphasis on long-term remote working looks likely, organisations are adopting digital solutions at a faster rate. Replacing legacy IT infrastructure with modern online services is creating greater efficiency and flexibility whilst reducing costs and improving security. Yet, for many organisations Cloud Computing remains an area of significant challenge. Navigating cloud architecture, managing infrastructure and storage and building applications is often met with a lack of skills and knowledge.

Conosco can help businesses bridge the gap by providing the strategic advice and the expertise to migrate, design, implement and manage cloud environments. Building on its strong partnerships with leading providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and G-Suite, Conosco recently achieved four Gold Competencies from Microsoft demonstrating its commitment and expertise in providing cloud technologies.

A holistic approach to cyber-security

Ensuring high levels of compliance and maintaining the integrity of business data is a priority for all organisations. With ransomware attacks and GDPR breaches on the rise, the public sector requires stringent regulations, robust technology, well documented security measures and employee training in order to protect sensitive government information.

Combating cyber-attacks has only been made more difficult as remote working continues to thrive. Disaster recovery and business continuity plans that were once developed to support short-periods of upheaval have now had to be adapted to the new normal. According to a report by the NCSC there has been a significant rise in the amount of hostile state-sponsored cyber-attacks with Covid-19 highlighting the speed at which cybercriminals have adapted to target remote workers. To counter this threat, organisations must secure both the remote working endpoints and the applications being used.

Conosco has always focused on providing the highest level of security and trust around its cloud solutions, enabling clients to achieve the high levels of compliance required for even the most sensitive government data. To further tackle rising security concerns, Conosco has also launched its 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC), staffed with experienced Security Analysts which protect businesses in real time.

Aligning strategy with leading Tech

A staggering 70% of digital transformations fail. One of the biggest challenges facing IT directors and senior leadership teams is how to ensure new technology is introduced in line with business objectives.

Conosco’s services span a multitude of IT disciplines from initial strategy and development, right through to day-to-day operations and cyber security. By working with clients on both a technical and business level, Conosco is able to advise on as well as implement tailored solutions, allowing clients to meet their business goals while ensuring their security.

Conosco’s Cloud Portfolio

Conosco provide cloud solutions and expert services that enable public sector clients to deliver digital transformation whilst reducing the cost and risk associated with traditional IT.

Conosco’s services include:

  • Meraki Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) / Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • NFON Hosted Telephony (VoIP)
  • Wandera Secure Mobile Gateway
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Strategy & Simulations
  • Cloud Architecture/Migration/Transition Services
  • Cloud MFA/2FA consultancy, implementation and management services
  • Cloud Strategy and Product selection services
  • ISO 27001 Consultancy/Certification/Retention
  • ISO 9001 Consultancy/Implementation/Retention
  • Managed Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Managed Outsourced IT Support Desk Services (Helpdesk)
  • Penetration test remediation
  • Security Awareness and Training Services
  • Service Security and Supplier SLA Auditing
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