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Business IT consulting has become a popular profession based on the ever-increasing network of brands and businesses that rely on effective IT to propel them forward in very competitive markets. In fact, technology consulting is the fastest-growing consulting market in the UK. Successful IT consultants are often candidates with an optimal blend of essential skills, but which ones make for a great consultant? We’ve put together 5 attributes of a consultant you should be looking for.

1. Communication Skills

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The first attribute of a consultant is communication. Communicating clearly and often makes a good IT consultant, great. As the catalyst for many processes in business, communication is what prevents breakdowns in productivity and business relations. A successful IT consultant has good communication skills and knows how to explain tougher technical speak for clients who may not speak tech lingo. Communication is also essential to solving conflicts in a constructive manner. A good consultant will keep clients up to date with any developments pertaining to their account so that they’re never unsure of what’s happening. Well-developed communication skills are an essential foundation to build growth through expert advice.

2. Advisory Skills

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IT consultancy involves helping clients make feasible and effective decisions that reflect the best interests of the business and all staff involved. This means that a good IT consultant needs to be able to advise clients on all aspects of IT for business. This includes what infrastructure and processes to implement, which to improve and which to discard. With this in mind, the advisory nature of IT consultancy means that there is a fair amount of pressure faced by candidates in the profession, as their opinions are held in high esteem.

3. Technical Knowledge

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The right knowledge and technical know-how makes a consultant a credible and reliable force. Facts, data and credible examples are key to conveying the importance of a healthy IT ecosystem to clients and maintaining healthy business relationships.

4. Management Capabilities

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Successful IT consultants understand that their role requires efficient management and decision-making. This includes wearing several hats and taking on project management skills such as delegation, scheduling and budgeting. Time management is also an important factor as many IT decisions and processes are time-sensitive.

5. A Respected Qualification

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IT consultants should have studied a relevant course or degree that makes them qualified to undertake this specialist consulting. Alongside the right qualification is an actual working experience that makes any consultant well versed in the inner workings of the IT world. The right balance of theoretical and practical knowledge is the key to success in a career in IT, further adding to the credibility of any consultant.

So there you have it, our top 5 attributes of a consultant you should be looking for.

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