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IR35 is the short name used for the ‘intermediaries legislation’, which is a set of tax rules that apply to contractors who work for a client through an intermediary – which can be a limited company or “personal service company” which is typically how many IT contractors operate.

From April 2020, all medium and large private sector businesses in the UK will become responsible for setting the tax status (IR35) of any contract worker they use.

Conosco, Trusted Service Provider:

With over 20 years of experience providing integrated IT and Communications services across the Private and Public Sector in the UK, Conosco can help ‘de-risk your workforce’, stay compliant and supplement any lack of skills shortage with our fully managed technology and secondment solutions. 

As a modern solutions provider, we offer total mobility with manpower and flexibility with contracts which means our customers have a choice and can fully rely on us without having to worry about complex regulations or compliance measures to keep on top of. 

As an IR35 compliant provider, Conosco can help:

  • Provide critical technology roles on demand such as virtual CTOs and CIOs
  • Safeguard your sensitive data and compliance with DPOs
  • Manage projects and operations with resourced Project Managers, Technology Account Managers and Support Teams
  • Provide certified consultants across Technology & Security on flexible terms
  • Supplement a whole IT support unit across your sites

When it is time to strategise your digital transformation journey, implement a cloud solution, look after security or compliance or take care of your operational IT needs, it is essential to choose the right technology partner and contract terms that are suitable for your organisation. 

As a leading Technology Service Provider, we can:

  • Accomplish your organisation’s vision and digital transformation roadmap
  • Be an extension of your IT & Security Teams
  • Provide the ability to enable the migration of your services to the cloud
  • Help implement a Security culture across your organisation
  • Continually review and offer cost effective technology solutions
  • Scale your technology and resources based on your growth
  • Identify inefficiencies in your IT environment and make recommendations
  • Operate in an agile way to manage and deploy all your applications

Book a consultation with our team to discuss more about how we can help supplement skills in your organisation:



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Let’s take your business further

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