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Security Matters Vol 1. 

“Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility”

Cyber Warfare, We are watching you – ‘Amazon’, Phished Again ?!, Leaked Fingerprints, Breach Fines £££, Brexit, GDPR…

In this panel, Security subject matter experts, Hylton Stewart and John Flynn host a security talk to round-up the latest from the world of Cyber Security.

Keeping in-line with the Cybersecurity Awareness month, the duo are on a mission to promote the importance of security and help organisations proactively prepare against attacks. 

The segment also features interesting discussions across some of the recent high profile targeted national attacks, a take on the ethics around the more obscure areas such as fingerprint and video footage data and the all important Brexit implications on GDPR and Data Protection laws with what the ICO has stated.

A must listen for everyone who wants to stay on top of Security !

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