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  • Results Driven
  • Peace of Mind
  • Measurable Return on your Investment

Without the relevant knowledge and know-how, the world of IT can prove to be intimidating and expensive. If keeping up with technology is not your forte, it’s understandable that you might find business IT a little daunting. In this instance, having an IT consultancy on a retainer is always a good idea to help your business stay ahead of the curve and improve daily operations. It’s also a sure way to guarantee that you’ve got sound advice at hand, whenever you need it.

With an IT consultancy retainer , there are no nasty surprises that pop up in the form of exorbitant invoices as each project unfolds. Whilst you may feel a little “locked in” with an IT consultancy on retainer, you’ll get the peace of mind that you’ve covered all of your bases!

An IT consultant firm on retainer is always more hands-on because they’re continuously involved with your business and its IT systems. They have ample chance to get to know your business and processes; and you, as the IT contact, get to build a solid relationship with your IT consultants. This ensures that the end results are always productive and mutually beneficial.

When you consider the number of areas encompassed by IT, it’s always better to entrust your business’ systems to those who are true specialists in their field. This means that a retainer is a good way to secure undeniable expertise at a rate that is consistent and more manageable for your business to afford.

Good customer service should be a ‘given’ with any service provider in the IT sector. However, it must be said that many IT firms tend to dedicate more customer service time to their retainer-based clientele. So, if you ever had an urgent issue that required attention, you’d be sure to get a speedy and effective reaction from a provider on a retainer.

Retainer consultancies are always results-driven rather than task-driven. This is because they are geared towards consistent delivery and continual improvement. With any long-term involvement of an IT firm on retainer, you should always see a measurable return on your investment. You should also be able to see how it has progressed over time. Firms hired for one-off projects are merely focussed on completing the task at hand and not its efficiencies thereafter. This makes retainers a sound investment to ensure that you maximise the value of your IT expenditure.

A retainer is like a partnership and should never be entered into lightly. Like any other partnership, it pays to do your research. Choose an IT firm who can help you realise your business goals through great IT.

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