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Does your business have an IT security strategy? Have you had a security audit conducted to identify risks? For many SMEs, the answer to these questions is ‘no’. But with cyber crime on the rise, businesses large and small need to reassess their IT security. As IT Support UK experts in this regard, we’re explaining more on the process of risk assessment and why you need an IT security strategy.

IT Strategy

What is a security audit and what can it show me?

In short, it’s an assessment that can effectively identify the risks that can threaten your company’s information technology and assets. It strives to understand your system’s vulnerabilities and the possible combinations that they might present.

Once these vulnerabilities are flagged, specialists can identify their potential impact. Following the completion of such an audit, your IT Support UK provider should be able to reveal the following:

  • Define security requirements and objectives
  • The outline of your network architecture
  • Safety of hardware, applications and operating systems currently in use
  • The effectiveness of current security measures like antivirus, firewalls and spam filters
  • Authentication mechanisms
  • Compliance with laws and regulations that pertain to data and security
  • Document procedures, policies and guidelines

Risks evolve. Your strategy should, too

One of the major reasons to conduct this assessment is because threats to your IT are always changing. This means that your IT security strategy should adapt to mitigate these risks. Any IT Solutions UK provider should be able to generate an effective strategy that won’t interfere with your company’s goals and mission.

Justify IT investments

By understanding what risks pose the greatest threat to your business, you can justify the costs of implementing additional measures in line with your strategy. With IT upgrades being one of the toughest costs to run by management, a risk assessment and subsequent strategy will help you get approvals much faster. With results presented in an official format, senior corporate officials can view findings and recommendations in order to make decisions.

Increase productivity

Following an IT risk assessment and the development of a strategy, many businesses find their IT to be more productive overall. This is over and above the benefit of risk-free IT. Through a formal review process, IT providers may pick up other issues that you may not have been aware of before the audit was conducted.

It pays to be proactive

Putting off your IT security risk assessment could prove detrimental to your business. In our time as IT specialists, we’ve seen this all too often. For an in-depth analysis of your current IT system, its risks and a strategy to mitigate them, please contact us today.

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