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As you know, cyber security is a vital part of your business’ IT arsenal. For those looking to adopt a new IT team or outsourced personnel, your IT solutions UK need to be approached with Internet safety and data security in mind.

A Barkly study revealed that there were 56 000 recorded US ransomware attacks in March 2016 alone. Furthermore, the amount paid to cyber criminals through ransomware attacks in the first quarter of last year was $209 million.

This is becoming increasingly more important with the likes of ransomware on the rise.

Cloud IT SupportStrong cyber security needs to coincide with your IT solutions to ensure that you are never a ransomware victim. Giving in to these ransomware requests means that the incentive for criminals to continue is only increased with every Bitcoin deposit.

Cyber crimes are being linked to organised crime rings on a daily basis. Whilst this is nothing new, it means that criminals are becoming more sophisticated with their methods of attack. This includes the fact that cyber criminals are prepared to put more resources behind their tactics in order to reap rewards. Ransomware presents a legitimate fear for business owners as it involves taking control of your data, encrypting it and holding it for ransom.

At Conosco, we’re the leaders in IT solutions UK. Our primary focus lies in helping your business achieve its objectives through superior IT support and strategy,, and we see cyber security as an essential and invaluable business tool.

Cloud Support Reliability
With ransomware having become the most profitable malware in cyber crime history, your networks need to be backed up at all times. This will ensure that you don’t have to pay hefty ransom amounts to unlock your data. Having your system backed up at all times will also mean you won’t lose your data should you not pay the amounts stipulated.

By thinking one step ahead of the hackers, you can protect yourself and your data. This comes from executing necessary system upgrades and backups. Considering what information would likely be targeted and held ransom is also a key component in limiting your risk exposure.

Cloud Service Delivery & PerformanceEffective visibility throughout your network will go a long way to keeping you protected. By being able to see everything (and everyone) that connects to your network, you can see threats coming long before they strike. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Your IT solutions UK provider should actively monitor the antivirus solution on your machines daily, ensuring that it is installed and active and that virus definitions are up to date.

Cloud Support FlexibilityWe recommend the use of an email gateway such as Mimecast to filter out potential threats before they even get to your mail system. With our clients, we also implement web-filtering to control the sites users can access and block connections to malicious hosts.

For more on our effective IT solutions that can help keep your business profitable, productive and safe, please contact us today.

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