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An effective IT strategy will unlock the true value of your technology, aligning it with company objectives.

IT supports the fundamental functions of a business; it can also be used as an agent for change, helping businesses stay ahead of the competition. The IT strategy provides a clear value proposition and a plan for its execution. Its goal is to develop an IT infrastructure that is highly available, scalable, mobile and secure – delivering future-proofed solutions that will serve the business of tomorrow.

There has rarely been a more challenging, or exciting time for IT teams, with digital transformation, cloud, mobile, 5G and IoT presenting greater business opportunities – but also more pressures – than ever before. With 65% of companies positive about their ability to adapt to technological disruption over the next 3 years, this eBook will endeavour to give IT leaders guidance when building their IT strategy and includes:

  • Challenges presented by the modern workplace
  • How to approach the IT strategy
  • What the IT strategy should look like
  • The importance of aligning your IT strategy with business objectives
  • The six-step strategy in action

IT Strategy for your business

“It is easier to gain board-level backing for an IT strategy when technology is viewed alongside the needs of the business and the strategy clearly focuses on areas that need improving and what steps are needed to tackle any infrastructure and skills shortfall.”

Max Mlinaric , Director, Conosco
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